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Awards and comments from racing sites and customers!
Congratulations to Dave Gonzalez for winning the 1st  round of the "Pot Of Gold" handicapping tournament @ Saratoga Gaming & Raceway on Saturday April 2, 2005.
Congratulations also to his wife, Lisa Gonzalez for taking third in the same contest!

 Winners of the site of the day award from 10/12/2004

bulletFrom The Saratoga Raceway website
Raceway News

47 People Enter Pot of Gold

It must run in the family. Good handicapping skills, that is. After the initial day of the Pot of Gold handicapping contest, the first and third place positions are held by a husband and his wife. Dave Gonzalez finished with top honors as he accumulated $71.50 with his eleven $2 win and place mythical wagers. His biggest hit was with Wild Chieftain in the 8th race at Gulfstream, a second place finisher returning $23.80. Norman Silver is currently in second place with a $68.50 bankroll, his biggest score being Russian Bay, the winner of the 8th race at Gulfstream who returned $16.40 and $8.20. Lisa Gonzalez, Dave's wife, went about her business the old fashioned way, picking lots of winners. Her biggest price horse paid $8.80 and she tallied six wins and a bankroll of $65.70. The contest will resume every Saturday through April with the top ten highest monthly accumlations sharing in the Grand Prize Pot of Gold, which consists of all of the $10 entry fees collected for the entire month. 47 people entered on the first day, bringing the Pot to $470 dollars.

Dave Gonzalez won $300 for first place, Norman gets $200 and Lisa Gonzalez receives $100.

bulletFrom Melanie F. of New Jersey
Hey Dave & Lisa,
A friend of mine, Ray referred me to you guys. You guys give out great picks
I think you guys should change your name to the horse racing genius couple or something like that.
I guess Ray was right when he said you were the best New York handicapper out there Dave.
I won over $15,000 because of you!!!

bullet From Mike K of Boston Mass.
I saw a message posted in a racing club on-line raving about your service so I checked you out & followed you for a few days.  You guys have gotten great results not only on their paid service but on the free picks they give out. I have won a ton off their Woodbine free picks so far as well as their Belmont picks (which I had to buy but it was worth it). So whoever posted that message. Thanks! The site is wicked awesome.
Keep up the good work!

bulletFrom Mike S of Ohio
No wonder you like Saratoga. You are the Master there.

Dave, you knocked 'em dead on your computer selections at GP yesterday. Although 5 of 7 were chalk, the other 2 were nice mutuels.
bulletFrom Larry W.
You can "bet" that I will be a daily  visitor and supporter after the results I have seen over the past month

bulletFrom Matt S
I find your site very useful, and informative.

bulletFrom Phil K. of  Michigan
Everyone wanted to know how I hit all those races Saturday & I told them Dave Gonzalez & did it for me. I passed your sight around & your getting to be a popular guy around here.
You are a big help to me and therefore I will help you and your business to be known as the best edge one can have in horse racing.
I tell everyone Dave Gonzalez is the best handicapper there is and I believe it to be true
Thanks Dave and keep up the good work

bulletFrom Fred C.
Want to mention I read Lisa's picks yesterday and they helped me bring in a couple of longshots at Churchill. Please put me on your mailing list and I have been watching your site for the last few days and like what I see. Thank you.
bulletFrom James H. Of Michigan
I heard about Dave through a good friend Phil. Me and Phil grew up together and have been good friends for a long time. Well one day he comes up to me at the track and starts to tell me about this new handicapper he met online, at the time I was thinking to myself who would want someone else to make my picks for
So there we sat me playing mine him play his bets (with the help of Dave.G) and I'll tell you he walked out with a smile that day. So the next time I kept a close eye on your picks and much to my surprise I learned that he's got to be one of the best handicappers. I have been a fan ever since and have seen him make some great picks over the days.
Keep up the great work Dave. G and thanks for all the great advice you have passed on to all of us!!

bulletFrom Vikki H. of Albany NY
I'd like to say keep up the good work! Some people apparently have too high an opinion of their handicapping ability where as I have witnessed your methods first hand. I believe in you and hope you keep offering your selections because I do not have the time to keep up on everything all the time but I like to play the races and your sheet allows me to do that and come out ahead. I have bought your sheet everyday now so when I go to OTB on my lunch hour I can play your selections & outside of a few days, you have done much better than some of those other dumb sheets I used to buy.
I also like the refund idea as you can tell since I was one of the people you refunded. I must admit though when I first had that I thought you were scamming people and I bought it secretly hoping you would not so I could expose you. Well it took 6 times before you lost & when I sent it in I had a refund in 5 days. I was PLEASANTLY SHOCKED. Keep the picks coming!.


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