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Our guarantee,
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Our guarantee on selections is as follows, we guarantee that either our top pick will show a flat bet profit (based on a $2.00 wager per choice!) for the day or that we will have three (3) winners on top (based on a 9 or more race card for a card with 5 races or less we guarantee one (1) winner on top and for cards with from 6 to 8 races we guarantee only two (2) winners on top).  In the event that a race is changed from one surface to another our choice becomes the top pick for THAT surface only (for example we like the #1 horse in a grass race but the race comes off the turf and we have selected the #16 as our dirt selection, the #16 becomes the choice). In the event of a scratch, unless otherwise noted the horse listed next in the analysis becomes the choice. In the event that all of our horses are scratched that counts as a win because there was no way you could lose on the race based on our analysis.  If neither of these happens then you can get another card for free or a refund. As far as I know, no other selector does makes this guarantee all the time. Obviously, we cannot offer a guarantee on our exotics card because of the nature of it but on all straight cards we do. We are not responsible however, for profits &/or losses you may or may not incur and will not under any circumstances be liable for such gains or losses. We strongly encourage you to always bet responsibly and within your means. The fact we offer a guarantee on most of our cards should in no way encourage you to bet more or change the betting habits you find comfortable for yourself and that are well within your means. Our service is a tool of handicapping and wagering and nothing more. You are responsible for how to best utilize this tool, not us.

It is however, your responsibility to contact us to be refunded in the unlikely event that we do not meet our portion of the agreement. If you wish to merely get another card and purchased our picks on line, e-mail us with which card you would like to receive in itís place and we will supply it to you. In the event you wish to be refunded, you need to print out a copy of the picks (only if you purchased them via the internet) or take the sheet that you have purchased (the original, not a copy!) and then send it back to us with a self addressed and stamped envelope. You will be refunded the purchase price of you sheet or the pro-rated value of the sheet should you get a discount for purchasing multiple tracks (and thus getting a price break for the multiple card purchase). In other words, you would get back the amount after the discount has been applied

If you have purchased our picks on track or at some other venue the procedure for being reimbursed is as follows. First of all, you must send us back the original, there are no exceptions to this. Then you must mail that to us along with a self-addressed stamped envelope at the following address
$ure Thing Selections
P.O. Box 3208
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Refundable sheets must be mailed in before the completion of the next meet or before 1 months time has elapsed from the date of purchase, whichever occurs sooner. Our sales force, handicappers & on-track representatives are not permitted in any way to give refunds or exchanges. There are no exceptions to these rules.

Once we have received a refund request regardless of how or where it was purchased, it will be verified & processed then the refund mailed out on the first business day of the next week after we receive it. If there is an exception to this for some reason we will inform you why and when you may expect a refund. You may also e-mail us to check on the status of a refund.

We wish we could do this an easier way but our legal team has advised us this is the proper way to go both for your safety and ours. The guarantee applies only to our selections and no other services that we provide unless it specifically states otherwise and is only valid if purchased from this website or one of our track side sales representatives.

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