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Products and services…

1) Daily analysis -$5.00 per track per day for detailed analysis on tracks we normally cover (see the schedule in the "Today's Cards" section of the site. I offer discounts though on monthly & yearly service as well as extras for yearly service. If you are interested in either of these the prices are $90 per month (this is based on a 5 day per week schedule & is approx. a 20% savings & a free subscription to my horses to watch list service) or $650 for a full year (a 50% discount plus you will receive a hat or T-shirt & a year's worth of my weekly horse's to watch for list). Of course no matter which of these options you take my selections now come with a guarantee* which you can find out more about by using the link on our About Us.
We also offer the ability to do full detailed analysis of any card for $10 with 24 hours notice. This applies to any track in the United States or Canada, thoroughbred or harness. To order a custom card analysis or if you have any questions about this service please send an e-mail to .

2) We now offer computer assisted selections for $2.00 per card with a buy 4 get one free deal. The cards must all be paid for however then we will refund the purchase price of one of the cards. We also have a monthly & yearly plan for these services. The monthly plan for is $30 per month per track, while the yearly service is $250 (with each additional track only $100!).

3) Prime selections -$150.00 per week limited to a maximum of 10 people. This service is guaranteed on a weekly basis not a daily basis because of its nature. This is primarily for high-end bettors that are looking for select, strong plays. The guarantee is that you will have made a profit for the week. Plays average about 1 a day during the winter, but over 2 per day in the summer months (except during extended periods of inclement weather). It averages about 30% winners & an average winning mutuel of $8.50. I very rarely give out heavy favorites with this service. However, this service can include pick 3's or 4's, exactas, trifectas, or daily doubles. If there is no profit for the week then you get the next week free, but it is your responsibility to play the selections I give out with this service. If you do not & that costs you turning a profit for the week then that is your problem. We have fulfilled our part of the agreement. There are only a few spaces left on this exclusive list.

The other added bonus of this service is that you automatically receive the full card analysis for each track we handicap, everyday as long as you remain a member of this service. The guarantee that applies to those cards however is obviously not applicable with this service as you are not paying for those cards independently of this service. It is a bonus for partaking in this service and thus is subject only to the rules above.

4) Trend tracker for the NY circuit. This report has our exclusive horses to watch/ horses to avoid lists, as well as reports of any biased days, post position breakdown by distance & track profiler. These are emailed every week directly to you. There is no guarantee with these lists but this is my most popular service and it has done quite well. The price on a per week basis is $10. The only discount offered with this service is for a full year. The price for a full year's subscription is $420 (a $100 savings).

5) Speed figures, pace figures, or power figures -$5.00 each or all 3 for $10. The figures are mailed on a weekly basis and I cannot at this time offer figures for shippers but I do explain how I deal with those and several other circumstances. I also now offer a list of adjusted Beyer figures for $3.00 per week

6) Trip notes -$30.00 per week. These are mailed every week. They are there if you want to buy them but the better value is to go with the horses to watch/ avoid lists. I am not trying to discourage this service but realistically they are unnecessary in most cases as the horses that go on those lists get there because of trips, figures or over all impression.

7) Angle research - priced by size of the study. Any possible angle you would like researched I can give you the numbers on it's profitability, hit rate & suggestions on using it. I advise angle studies be @ least 1 year in length up to 3 years. However I have done them both shorter & longer. On average an angle study of 3 years will cost $25.00 per angle.

8) Trainer patterns - priced by size average price and study size is 3 years for $20.00 per trainer. I can do shorter or longer & that will affect the price. I also offer a discount on these of 6 trainers for 3 years of analysis $100. You choose the trainer's, obviously. My trainer pattern analysis covers up to 125 specific aspects to look at as of this time.

9) Breeding research - rates are determined based on what the project’s parameters are.

10) Buying and selling of race horses. This requires a sit down meeting and rates are negotiated at that time. Most services in this area are on a commission type basis.

11) I also can introduce people to others who are interested in syndicating pick 3, 4, or 6 tickets. There is no charge for this service. If you wish to form a group please contact us through this site.

12) We have also set up a discussion group/club on Yahoo! for people who utilize our services. All are welcome to join but no postings are allowed in this club that are deemed offensive or inappropriate to a horse racing related group. We also do not allow postings for rival sites &/or anything along those lines. We ask you respect the other members of the group & conduct yourselves as civilized adults as such postings to this group are moderated by our staff. The group address is .

Anything you do not see here, please ask. We most likely have the ability to provide the service you seek, but we may be unaware that there is an interest in such a service. We are quite reasonable & more than willing to work with a client on almost every aspect of the services we do &/or can provide. Most of these services are on an e-mail basis unless otherwise noted or requested.

 * These services and any other part of this web site are not to be resold without the express written consent of / W.I.N. Systems

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