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As a member of Thorofan we are now discontinuing this group!

We highly recommned becoming a member of Thorofan so we can help the sport survive, thrive & get our voices heard as well.

United Horseplayers of America

What is United Horseplayers of America?

It is a brand new group headed by Dave Gonzalez the owner of / W.I.N. Systems and a lifelong horseracing fan and player. The purpose of this group will be to give the American horseplayer a chance to have their voice heard by those that would tax us heavily and stomp on our rights because we are fragmented and disorganized as a group. This group wants serious like-minded people to band together and change this. It was founded because quite frankly, I, Dave Gonzalez, am tired of seeing complaints about how the player, who is the backbone of this industry, gets shafted because we have no voice. Someone had to stand up and I have decided that I will do it and see who the serious people are about stopping politicians and any one else who would tread upon our rights and concerns form continuing to do so from this point on.

It’s now time for the complainers to put up or shut-up.

What are the goals of this organization?

Our goals are simple.

1)       Stop all those who would raise takeouts on any wager.
These people are greedy and lack common sense and should be stopped. It has been shown that more money back in the pockets of the players increases handle and thus increases the amount these people are trying to get by their very foolish method of raising the takeout. This also includes tracks that refuse to take wagers from circuits or tracks that have a lower takeout because they have to take a lower cut. Where did these people learn business? First of all they should give the customer what they want and if that means working on a smaller profit margin then so be it. This will give them happier customers and additionally they will still be getting some revenue. How dumb do these people have to be to not understand the concept that 1% income on something that will satisfy customers is better than no profit on something that drives your customers away.
These people are not friends of the horseplayers and if we are united we can get them out of positions that directly affect us and that are counterproductive to the growth and well being of a game we all dearly love.

2)       Help unify tracks and jurisdictions.
Not only do horseplayers need to unite but we need to start unifying our industry and end this nonsensical squabbling between entities. This would benefit everyone in the game but there are too many greedy people out there ruining it for everyone because they do not listen or pay attention to what we the customer wants.

3)       Get us better, timelier information.
As horseplayers we need to get all tracks to give us the most up to date information regarding anything that impacts our decisions. Little things like shoe information should be given out BEFORE the races on a day even begin. Not with 10 minutes to post. Most tracks try but I do not think they either know or care how critical some of this information can be at times. By uniting we can get them to understand this and work with us.

This organization is not built with the intent to complain about stewards decisions, storms that force tracks to switch race surfaces for safety reasons, poor rides by jockeys or trainers making foolish statements. While these things our irritating and frustrating they are largely a matter of judgement and part of the game. We are more concerned with the bigger picture at this time. If anyone wishes to volunteer to help in this matter we will more than welcome them aboard.

Does it cost anything to join? How can you join?

There are no membership fees or dues and there never will be.
Right now we are utilizing Yahoo’s group features to get this underway. If we get some funding and membership we will make a more permanent home on the world wide web. The current address to join this noble cause is

See you around the track folks and let's get things going in our favor form now on!

Dave Gonzalez
Owner of & Founder of United Horseplayers of America


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